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Is he/she good?

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

The question about if a man/woman is good is really relative to the individuals in the relationship. How I define a good man may be totally different than how you define a good man. Have you ever thought about when you’ve been asked what type of person you are? How accurate is this definition? Most of the time this definition is based upon who we desire to be not who we actually are.

Also, this definition is based upon what we think others perceive us to be but it’s not the reality. This also holds true when we think about the opposite sex. It’s what our perception of a good man is not what the reality of a good man is. Are we being fair? Personally, I listen to a man tell me what type of man they are and get excited saying, “wow he’s the one cause he has the qualities I desire in a man.” So when he doesn’t live up to those standards I feel let down. I must say I’m not being fair. We must seek God on all that we do in finding a mate. Allow HIM to guide us instead of looking for qualities that the world dictates. Psalms 14 says “All have turned away, all have become corrupt; there is no one who does good, not even one.” Men and Women have the capacity to do wrong. But we must lean and depend on God not our own understanding of relationships. If your relationships are based upon the world’s standards then the enemy shall control but with God all things are possible. Lets based our relationships on HIM and see our marriages and relationships sore. Be blessed.

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