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You are a Kingdom Woman!

A few years ago while performing my ministry internship at Community Baptist Church, The Woodlands, God used me to expand my territory as I taught the Tony Evans Kingdom Woman Series.

As we studied Kingdom Woman, it was apparent that Christ sees our worth and has a role for everyone in His kingdom. He is calling His divinely purposed women who are daughters of Abraham to step up and take their rightful place in the Kingdom. As diamonds that Christ has sought. He is refining us daily. Despite a little dirt, we are still a diamond in Christ's eye.  

As diamonds in the rough, we should allow our actions, thoughts, and words to reflect Christ.  In doing so, we become the rare, refined, and renewed diamond that only a Kingdom Woman is destined to be.

I encourage you to be like the woman at the well and acknowledge when God is seeking you! (John 4:4-26). Also, you do not have to remain bent over. Dr. Evans says, “Before you check out, check-up.” Look up to Christ where your strength lies.

Dr. Evans tells the story of a child who wants a chocolate-chip cookie and badgers her mother into buying her some at the grocery store checkout line—the child did not give up. Likewise, kingdom women should not give up but instead, look to God to meet their needs. 

A Kingdom Woman is not a perfect woman but a transforming Woman! You are a Kingdom Woman!  I Encourage you to Shine like the Diamond you are! Propel Your Problems to Potential!

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