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Sparkle & Shine

As a motivational speaker, minister, encouragement author, mother, and grandmother, I periodically have those days where I ask, "Who encourages the encourager?" 

Those days that if we hear our name called one more time! If our phone rings one more time! If one more problem needs to be solved, we may runaway! 

Despite those moments, we must choose to keep sparkling and shining, not just for others but for ourselves. Each morning when I wake up, I am blessed to see another day and realize that is the purpose of my sparkle. I sparkle to embrace each day with vibrancy, joy, and sunshine. So when someone or something comes to steal me of my sparkle, I take myself back to that moment when I woke up and refocus! I answer my original question, "I must encourage, the encourager!" Talking to myself, I readjust, realign, and recapitulate! My purpose! 

Today, I encourage you to keep sparkling and do not let anyone EVER dull your SPARKLE! You were designed to SPARKLE!

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