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How to Walk in Your Calling!

Updated: May 27, 2020

Each of us has a divine calling upon our lives that we were created to reach our full potential. We often limit ourselves by not recognizing that we have a calling and walking boldly in it.

There are three ways successfully walk in your calling to reach your divine purpose:

1.  Humbly walk promoting unity and love! Know your self-worth yet be humble and not prideful that you elevate yourself by devaluating others. Have a spirit of love, giving and togetherness welcoming the gift of reciprocity. 

2. Gently approach life with an attitude of compassion and grace! Find the balance between being one who is angry all the time and one who is never angry compassionately understanding and loving others.

3. Patiently endure all situations to the end! Recognize situations may come but they do not define you but are only temporary to build your endurance. With patience and focus, persevere to the end.

Today, I encourage you to walk in your calling and be who you were created to be! You are Beautiful!!

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