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FEAR has no POWER!

My previous entry focused on not being afraid of a do-over yet the key is being afraid. Fear is what keeps us from so many God given dreams that I would be remiss in not addressing it separately. I purposely say us because I know that fear has personally held me back for more years that I care to remember. While training to become a Christian Counselor, the instructor focused two entire sessions on fear because it is the root of most people problems even when they do not want to admit it or cannot place their finger on it. FEAR can be defined as False Evidence Appearing Real. I love this definition as it epitomize the essence of fear to me because it is those things within our mind that appear so real and control our reality yet are not factual. 

In 2007, after an accidental overdose, I experienced a period of homelessness that was real as the hair on my head and the eyes on my face yet fear controlled me and held me in bondage. It was keeping me from that do-over that I speak so boldly about today. My homelessness was real. My medical issues were real. My lack of finances were real yet this is not where fear had me bound. Fear had a hold of me that I could not get out of being homelessness. Fear had me believing that my health would never improve. Fear told me that no one loved me and would help me. Fear drove me to believe I would never be anything but what I was at that moment. Fear had me blinded to the fact that I was once a successful business woman, mother, wife, and Christian. Fear felt so real to me that I saw nothing but what my mind told me to believe.  So you ask how do you overcome fear? 

1. Realign your thinking – I absolutely love Joyce Meyer's Battlefield of the Mind and Power Thoughts as they books show Gods way of realigning our thinking. In Power Thoughts, she tells us that we can teach our mind to work for us. Most importantly is that the brain is an every maturing organ that never stops until death. I hear people in my business say often that I am just a negative person. This does not have to be the truth. You can relearn your thinking to be positive. Begin by thinking positive thoughts even in the midst of your circumstances.

2. Rewrite the story  – Fear is those stories we tell ourselves. If it is that simple then rewrite the stories. Find a new story to tell yourself. I began telling myself that I was going to get through this. I am loved. I am wonderfully and fearfully made. (Psalm 139:14) Guess what my story changed because I was now living a new story. Rewrite your story and begin to live!

3. Reignite your passion - Find that fun thing to do and fear cannot stop you from being you. I know you will laugh but while homeless, I danced! I took dancing lessons for free (find them in your community) and danced. I learned Salsa, Tango, Ballroom, Tap and more. I had the time of my life. I frequently quote from my book Dancing in the Rain produces His Promises! Yes, I was experiencing the most difficult time of my life but found out I could dance and enjoy life. Reignite your passion. It's burning inside you! FEAR has no POWER! 

I Encourage you to enjoy life to the fullest! It is too short to allow fear to write the story. Write your own story! Propel Your Problems to Potential!

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