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A Conversation with God: Celibacy

Having a Conversation with God about Life

Several years ago, I asked God why I kept coming across men who say they love me BUT! There was always a BUT. But give me time. But I’m not ready to commit. But my divorce isn’t final and I’m not doing anything to make it final.But I’m waiting on God (while God is waiting on them). I could go on and on.

God revealed to me that this was not love! Love is an action word. Show me without the BUTs. God also revealed that I needed to change. I had to stop giving such a special part of me to men that were not able to give all of themselves to me.

My conversation with God went like this: But God, then I won’t feel comforted. But God, I love being held. But God, I need to be touched. But God! He spoke back saying,

“well keep doing what you’re doing and keep getting the same results.”

I had to be obedient. I was even encouraged by others to wait. Reading about actress Megan Good and her husband Devon Franklin, in their book The Wait, truly blessed me more than I imagined. Obedience and waiting is key.

Why Celibacy is best

I choose to be celibate for this reason, obedience. I gave up something that